This probably is better posted to the qmail mailing list, but I can't seem
to get to right now and I'm not on the list at this time...

Is there any (known) way to force qmail to immediately requeue a message
upon delivery deferral rather than having it wait until the next send
time?  I just finished a qmail patch that allows a limit on the number of
concurrent attempts made to any given IP address (well, any given hash -
there's only so many semaphores I'm willing to create :)).  This allows
mail to continue processing on high-volume servers without bogging down
because a remote server (e.g., AOL or YAHOO) is throttling or just too
busy to accept more than 8-10 connections from a single server at once. 
The patch will cause that MX IP to be skipped and the next one in line to
be tried - if no MX is reachable it defers the mesage.  However, in that
case I would like to force qmail to immediately retry the message as the
deferral was on the local system rather than cause by the remote system.

After looking at how qmail runs its queue, I don't think there's a way to
do it, but I figured I'd throw the question out anyway.  I'll be making
the patch available at some point in the future once I've tested it some

Joshua Megerman
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