Rainer Duffner wrote:

when going the "Maildir on NFS for clustering"-route, is using NetApp Filers still considered "state of the art" or has something better emerged? From a price-point, I'd rather use FreeBSD, but the fact that there's no real volume-manager makes it unusable for our purposes. I've actually mailed Blue Arc about their hardware, but despite not being in the black, they didn't feel it necessary to answer my query.

Does anybody have any sizing-information? NetApp offers a lot of hardware and even the entry-level stuff is not cheap. I'd like to know how many deliveries/h one can make e.g. with a small FAS 270.

No idea about a NetApp, but my backend is a Sun Enterprise. I connect to my toasters (three of them) via a 1gb network. I can deliver 8-13k messages an hour, per toaster. I have seen traffic at the level of 20-25k apiece. I can't give MTRG stats for the interface as the traffic includes webmail, spamc connections, mysql connections, etc.

The Sun box has no trouble keeping up even though it is a older box with slow drives.

Volume managers for FreeBSD, do you mean Vinum? CCD? GEOM?


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