As far as I know --enable-domains-dir sets the domains directory, relative to vpopmail's home dir. If you set vpopmail's home dir to /export/home/vpopmail, /export/home/vpopmail/domains will be set by default as DOMAINS_DIR.


On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 16:09 -0500, Jeremy Kister wrote:
when i use vadddomain, i get an error:
Error: Could not open qmail default

vdeldomain, vadduser, and vdeluser all work correctly.

I made a small change to vpopmail.c to see what's going on:

--- ../vpopmail-5.4.13/vpopmail.c       2006-02-22 16:05:34.612401000 -0500
+++ vpopmail.c  2006-02-22 15:58:12.998402000 -0500
@@ -198,6 +198,7 @@
    /* create the .qmail-default file */
    snprintf(tmpbuf, sizeof(tmpbuf), "%s/%s/%s/.qmail-default", dir, 
+       fprintf(stderr, "%s/%s/%s/.qmail-default\n", dir, DOMAINS_DIR, 
    if ( (fs = fopen(tmpbuf, "w+"))==NULL) {
      /* back out of changes made so far */
      chdir(dir); chdir(DOMAINS_DIR);

this yields the following output:
Error: Could not open qmail default

my configure:

./configure \
--prefix=/export/home/vpopmail/arch/SunOS-5-sun4u \
--enable-domains-dir=/export/home/vpopmail/domains \
--disable-md5-passwords \
--disable-roaming-users \
--enable-logging=v \
--disable-rebuild-tcpserver-file \
--enable-learn-passwords \
--enable-qmail-ext \

if I symlink /export/home/vpopmail/export/home/vpopmail/domains to 
/export/home/vpopmail/domains, all works fine.

Anyone know why this is happening ?

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