On 2/22/2006 5:51 PM, Stoyan Marinov wrote:
As far as I know --enable-domains-dir sets the domains directory,
relative to vpopmail's home dir. If you set vpopmail's home dir
to /export/home/vpopmail, /export/home/vpopmail/domains will be set by
default as DOMAINS_DIR.

Funny, I was just testing that as your message came in.

I changed the path to /export/home/vpopmail/./ in my passwd file, and recompiled.

sure enough, the error was referencing /export/home/vpopmail/./export/home/vpopmail/domains

so --enable-domains-dir is relative to the vpopmail user's path. I think it's more intuitive to think that --enable-domains-dir overrides --prefix. but that's fine. it should be noted in ./configure --help.

recompiling and simply leaving out --enable-domains-dir fixed the problem.



Jeremy Kister

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