5.4.15 - released 24-Feb-06

Release Notes:

This release fixes a few loose ends in the 5.4.14 release.  Here are the
Release Notes from 5.4.14:

This release brings in the vpopmail daemon (vpopmaild) from the 5.5
development series, and fixes a few bugs from 5.4.13.

If you're running 5.4.13 and don't need vpopmaild, take a look at tracker #1360346 on SourceForge to get an important patch to vdelivermail related
to using "# delete" in a user's .qmail file. func=detail&aid=1360346&group_id=85937&atid=577798



Tom Collins
- Add 'compile' script to distribution.
- If warn() isn't available, use fprintf() instead.
- vmysql.c: add missing valias_select_names, valias_select_names_next,
  and valias_select_names_end from 5.5 branch.
- vpalias.c: #include "config.h" before we check if VALIAS defined.


Tom Collins
- vmysql.c: Increase buffer size in vauth_adduser() and use
  correct size when calling snprintf.
- Backport most of 5.5.1, including code required for vpopmaild.
- Allow --enable-valias option for Postgres backend (incorrectly
  disabled in 5.4.13).
- Only check a domain's disk usage when a quota is set. [1396238]

Bill Shupp
- vpopmaild: store quota in proper format and update maildirsize
  on quota change.

Gaetan Minet
- Remove lock file in open_smtp_relay() even if update_rules() fails.

Rick Morris
- vdelivermail.c: Fix problem where "# delete" in .qmail file was
  being ignored. [1360346]

Robin Bowes
- Add vpopmaild (the vpopmail daemon) from 5.5 development series.

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