OK, here's another one.  I've got a couple of patches (previously posted
here) that I use and in the process of applying them I noticed a couple
things that concern me:

1) The MAX_PW_DOMAIN has increased from 64 to 96, but there's no
corresponding increase in the field size in vmysql.h (and presumably the
other backends where size matters).  Isn't this going to cause problems
when 96 character domain names are shoved into 64 character database
2) Similarly, the vlimits structure now has disable_spamassassin and
delete_spam fields, but no corresponding field was added to the limits
table in vmysql.h.  In fact, these fields appear to be completely
unaddressed in the mysql backend, so that at best they will be ignored if
used, and at worst they may actually break something.  Is this
intentional, or just an oversight?

I'm willing to try and contribute to the solution, just let me know what
(if anything) you need.  I will, however, be offline almost all weekend,
so it'll probably be Monday before I produce anything unless I can hack it
out quickly this afternoon...

Joshua Megerman
SJGames MIB #5273 - OGRE AI Testing Division
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