Using the Patch that Bill Shupp used to integrate vpopmaild into 5.4.13, I
was able to develop a PHP-based interface for editing .qmail and other
files in vpopmail users' home dirs for controlling various delivery
processing options.  It's not working now, and I've figured out why not. 
The original version of vpopmaild that I was using only uses "\n" for
CRLF, while the new one in 5.4.15 uses "\r\n".  While not an issue for raw
telnet, it fails for PHP since PHP_NORMAL_READ stops reading at '\r' OR
'\n'.  I may be able to resolve it by simply calling an additional read,
but I'm wondering why <cr><lf> was chosen as the delimiter rather than
just <lf>.

Thanks for the info,
Joshua Megerman
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