Jeremy Kister wrote:
On 3/3/2006 10:28 AM, Michael Krieger wrote:
   An SMTP server MUST NOT intentionally close the connection except:
   - After receiving a QUIT command and responding with a 221 reply.
- After detecting the need to shut down the SMTP service and returning a 421 response code. This response code can be issued after the server receives any command or, if necessary, asynchronously from command receipt (on the assumption that the client will receive it after the next command is issued).

Not to turn this into a RFC contest on the wrong mailing list, but we must be interpreting that differently --

my qmail-1.03.isp.patch will close a connection after a defined number of errors. I claim RFC 2821 #3.9 compatibility, because before closing the connection, I send a 400 error. I have the 'need' to close the connection, because I no longer want to hear from this abuser, and he is automatically entered into tcp.smtp.cdb for rejection.

Just my 0.02c: I have been doing this for months with custom patches... I generally stop dictionary attacks this way, as well as some folks who send me a "GET / HTTP 1.(0|1)" request on port 25.

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