On Monday 06 March 2006 00:25, Winanjaya - PBXSoftwares.com wrote:
> Dear All
> I ran incorrect procedure..  I already ran rm -rf
> /home/vpopmail/domains/lippogeneral.com/claim01.ho  .. after that I run
> ./vdeluser [EMAIL PROTECTED] ..then I recreate it .. by running
> ./vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]


> after that I test to send email to him .. then I got below replies:
> Unable to chdir to maildir. (#4.2.1)

this is coming from qmail-local, not vdelivermail (vpopmail's local delivery 

this leads me to believe there's a 
~vpopmail/domains/lippogeneral.com/.qmail-claim01:ho file with maildir 
delivery instructions in it.

> ***********************
> Our outgoing mail has been scanned by MSS.
> ***********************

please disable this.  It is nothing but spam, and putting it on here gives 
endusers a false sense of security.  If they see this, they think "oh, well 
it can't POSSIBLY contain a virus" and will open your attachments blindly.


Jeremy Kitchen ++ [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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