On Monday 06 March 2006 16:44, Winanjaya - PBXSoftwares.com wrote:
> Dear All,
> my qmail + vpopmail runs on but my squirrelmail + vpoppasswd
> (vpopmail account admin) on, I have exported my /home/vpopmail
> to, so in my /etc/exports would be as follow:
> /home/vpopmail,anongid=503,rw)
> then on .. I put below command in /etc/fstab:
>            /home/vpopmail  nfs  suid,dev,exec  0
> 0
> why I still unable to run ./vpasswd or ./vuserinfo ..etc

are you trying to run these commands as root?  If so you can't.  read 'man 
exports' for more information.


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