Hi all,

I'm still having problems with some part of courier leaving my maildirsize files owned by root rather than vpopmail. Very nasty problem, and it has not gone away with an update to the latest Courier. On the courier lists, it's been stated that what I'm seeing is "not possible". However imapd/pop3d are the only things that touch that file that start their lives as "root", so I'm still pretty suspicious.

Before I get slapped with a wet noodle over there, can anyone here share any info on running authdaemond as "vpopmail" and then using "-user=vpopmail" in the couriertcpd invocation?

I've been fiddling a bit, but all combinations have resulted in permissions problems logged by the imap auth process...

Sorry for the OT, but figured there's probably someone here that has done this...



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