> #ifndef TLS
> This means that it will only run chkuser if you didn't 
> compile it with TLS support, which you might have done.  If 
> TLS is defined, I don't see chkuser being included in the 
> executable.  You need the chkuser calls in the TLS/SSL 
> section as well.
> This is not an if structure as it would be in regular code.  
> This is a compiler direction, that tells it to completely 
> ignore those parts at COMPILE TIME.  Meaning, that those 
> parts may never get included... ever... in the executable.
> Of course I'm making an assumption that TLS is defined :)

Thanks - that makes sense. I *am* building with TLS support, so I guess that
explains it.

Should I include the same code after

    if (!addrallowed())

Or does it need to go somewhere else?


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