I've got a much older mail system running vpopmail/qmail that was created some time ago.  We have been encouraging new settings on users for some time, including using their full e-mail address instead of just the username to authenticate, as well as enabling smtp authentication.

As with any transition, it's a slow process that nobody seems to care much about until it stops working.

The vipmap situation (default domains) was easy, as I document below incase it helps anyone.  The SMTP authentication I seem to be having a bit more trouble with.  Of course many users don't use our smtp servers at all and instead use their ISPs.  Yet vpopmail opens POP for everyone.  What I want to know is to have a log entry (probably the from address) every time a user:
 - is allowed to relay through our mail server (so has RELAYCLIENT set)
 - did not authenticate (so TCPREMOTEINFO does not have their username)
 - sends to an e-mail address not in rcpthosts (so relays)

Any ideas how we'd implement that?  Are any existing contributions useful here?

To find people who are using vipmap and not specifying their domain (with a % or @), we implemented the following code in vpopmail.c's parse_email() function instead of just vset_default_domain().
   FILE *ffff;
  if ( (domain == NULL) || (strlen(domain)<1) ) {
   ffff = fopen("/tmp/legacyipalias", "a");
   fprintf(ffff,"[EMAIL PROTECTED]", user, domain, get_remote_ip());
   ffff = NULL;
  } else {
  // not needed since it'll just return, but just in case

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