Rainer Duffner wrote:
Ken Jones wrote:

kengheng wrote:

Hi, when will the domain quota feature back to vpopmail?


Probably never. It is too resource intensive.
I recommend using operating system user quotas.
Place each domain under a different user and let
the file system handle the quota.

I assume you have to either
a) run qmail-smtpd as user root (because if ~vpopmail/domain/user.domain is own by user, vdelivermail as user vpopmail won't be able to deliver anymore)


b) place the domain unter user vpopmail but with different groups, using OS-group-quotas (does that work?)
I don't think so. Last time I tested, user or group quotas only work
under the users home directory.

So place the domain under the users home directory.

You can use the -u username option to vadddomain to set up the domain
under that users home directory.


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