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>> Subject: [vchkpw] vpopmail + ldap problem
>> Im having a problem with integrating vpopmail with ldap. I've already 
>> installed everything...
>> What I did:
>> 1. I set these options on vldap.h before compile
>> #define VLDAP_SERVER "localhost"
>> #define VLDAP_USER "cn=vpopmailuser, o=vpopmail"
>> #define VLDAP_PASSWORD "vpoppasswd"
>> #define VLDAP_BASEDN "o=vpopmail"
>> 2. My compile options
>> --enable-auth-module=ldap
>> 3. Copied the file slapd.conf and qmailUser.schema from the vpopmail 
>> ldap directory to ldap etc/ and schema/ directory
>> 4. Successful creation of vpopmail database
>> ldapadd -f vpopmail.ldif -x -w vpoppasswd 
>> -D'cn=vpopmailuser,o=vpopmail'
>> The problem is when I add a virtual domain
>> /home/vpopmail/bin/vadddomain
>> I get an error saying:
>> Error: Object class violation (65)
>>         additional info: object class 'qmailUser' requires 
>> attribute 'sn' Failed while attempting to add user to auth backend
>> Error: (vadduser) no auth connection
>> What seems to be the problem here? Did I missed something?
>> Please help!
>> Thanks!
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JA> I am new to LDAP, so I am not sure what I might have possibly broken.
JA> The way I stopped that error from happening was to edit the schemas.
JA> I changed sn and cn from must to may in the Person directive in
JA> core.schema.

JA> Jennifer

this is a "bug" in the vpopmail ldap schema (the schema is bad)
Their schema works until version 2.3 of OpenLdap.


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