Jeremy Oddo wrote:

> Lately, our mail has had trouble getting to Yahoo, Hotmail,
> and a smaller ISP. Sometimes the mail ends up in the spam
> folders so I know our mail is getting to their box. I
> checked the big blacklist sites and we are not listed. I
> then ran our domain through the test at
> Everything came up clean except
> for two things:
> 1. No SPF record (which I've fixed)

That didn't need to be "fixed" because it wasn't an error.

> 2. Mail server host name in greeting
> Because I'm using Vpopmail with virtual domains, my mail
> server address doesn't match my host address name in the
> SMTP greeting.
> Does anyone know how to fix this? Is there even a fix for it?

That's also not an error.  The site mixes opinion with
fact and should not be considered a reliable source of information.

- Ron

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