On Friday 24 March 2006 11:36, David Chaplin-Loebell wrote:
> Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
> >On Friday 24 March 2006 10:31, Michael Krieger wrote:
> >>SMTP Authentication seems to be the norm these days, and I'd encourage 
> >> it. Now if only M$ would make it the default or easier than going  into
> >> advanced settings when adding an account (and also the port 587 
> >> option).
> >
> >why use port 587?  the 'use secure connection' is right there, and if
> > you're doing any passing of authentication tokens across the wire, you
> > should be encrypting it.
> I have my clients use port 587 whenever possible, because I use RBLs on
> port 25 that block some dynamic address ranges.
> Is there a better practice for this?

that's pretty standard practice.

I'm in favor of using an SSL protected port for authentication, but 587 is 


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