On 3/24/2006 4:40 PM, Michael Krieger wrote:
> Note return-path is blank, and fails to contain a newline.  I'd
> fix the problem- being whatever is accepting this mail message into
>  your queue in the first place.

I cannot fix millions of people's spamware.  I honestly wish i could. :)

  We sometimes get these when people try to inject into php scripts
> by  making a from address contain newlines and the programmer is an
> idiot  and doesn't check this.  In theory, qmail-smtpd should turn
> down  the message when it comes in.  So I guess the question is where
> is  it coming from?

spammers send my servers spam; folks on my server have email addresses forwarded to other email addresses.

spammer -> qmail-smtpd
qmail-smtpd -> qmail-queue
qmail-queue -> qmail-send
qmail-send -> qmail-lspawn
qmail-lspawn -> qmail-local
qmail-local -> vdelivermail
vdelivermail -> qmail-inject

vdelivermail needs to respect qmail-inject's exit code, hence the proposed patch.

  I wouldn't 'fix' this header, as it's malformed to start with.

I am also opposed to fixing up the header, as previously stated.



Jeremy Kister

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