On 3/24/2006 5:06 PM, Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
>> vdelivermail needs to respect qmail-inject's exit code, hence the
>> proposed patch.
> no, the real question is why is vpopmail even using qmail-inject to re-queue 
> forwarded messages.  Instead, qmail-queue should be used directly.

While I'm sure you could argue that point, I'm perfectly willing to
accept qmail-inject's tainting.  there'd be a lot of code plucked from
qmail-inject (or new-inject) to go into vdelivermail, which i'm not sure
is quite the right thing to do.

In the interim, I'm still looking for opinion on whether or not the
proposed patch makes everyone happy.  I tested it briefly, and it seems
to deal with fatal, deferral, and successful qmail-inject codes correctly.


Jeremy Kister

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