i have written a few patches for qmail, one of which implements a RCPT TO check to verify whether or not the recipient address exists or not (like the "chkuser" patch, but which reads a cdb file and can therefore run on a machine which is not the same machine where vpopmail is running... and which doesn't require vpopmail in order to compile qmail.) this web page describes the patch:

the biggest issue with implementing this functionality is determining when to rebuild the cdb file. the best thing i've been able to come up with so far is a cron job which builds a new list, and then if the list has changed since the last time the cron job was run, turns that list into the cdb file. this approach has two problems- (1) it's a lot more CPU-intensive than it needs to be, and (2) it introduces an artificial delay between the time a mailbox is created and the time it shows up in the "validrcptto.cdb" file.

the solution to this would be to have vpopmail trigger the updating of the cdb file whenever certain events happen- a domain, mailbox, or alias is added or deleted, for example.

since different people may want to do different things with this trigger functionality, i figured the best way to implement it would be to have vpopmail call a specific executable, which the administrator could set up as a shell script to do whatever they need done- rebuild a cdb file, replicate new data to external servers, whatever.

i have written a patch against vpopmail-5.4.15 which causes any changes to trigger "~vpopmail/etc/onchange", if it exists and if it is executable to the userid which is running the vpopmail program. the patch can be downloaded, and simple directions found, at the bottom of this page:

i am running this on my own server as we speak- it seems to work well so far, and i will be writing the scripting to have it build a new validrcptto.cdb over the next day or two.

my hope is that there is enough interest in this functionality that it can be integrated into a future verison of vpopmail.

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