John Simpson wrote:
> i have written a patch against vpopmail-5.4.15 which causes any  changes
> to trigger "~vpopmail/etc/onchange", if it exists and if it  is
> executable to the userid which is running the vpopmail program.  the
> patch can be downloaded, and simple directions found, at the  bottom of
> this page:
> i am running this on my own server as we speak- it seems to work well 
> so far, and i will be writing the scripting to have it build a new 
> validrcptto.cdb over the next day or two.
> my hope is that there is enough interest in this functionality that  it
> can be integrated into a future verison of vpopmail.


Can this be modified to pass parameters to the program/script? For
example, the action that has just occurred, plus any data associated
with that action? e.g. "onchange useradd [EMAIL PROTECTED]"

Also, have you tried this with vqadmin/qmailadmin? The reason I mention
this is that I'm having a bugger of a job getting my code that
implements skel dirs to work with vqadmin - it works fine from the
command line (as root) but I get a permission denied error when
executing from vqadmin.

I really must get a built-in function working...


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