Why not use the .qmail-default to process your skeleton directories?
Have it call a script that can test for the existence of the directory
and then copy the skeleton as appropriate.

I guess it would depend on where in the process a non-existing user
directory gets created.  If vdelivermail does it or if it's done higher
up the chain.  If vdelivermail creates the initial directory then you'd
want to call your script afterwords.  This is all assuming you're just
putting users into a database and letting vpopmail auto create the
directory when a user checks their email or gets their first email.


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> John Simpson wrote:
> > i have written a patch against vpopmail-5.4.15 which causes any  
> > changes to trigger "~vpopmail/etc/onchange", if it exists 
> and if it  
> > is executable to the userid which is running the vpopmail program.  
> > the patch can be downloaded, and simple directions found, at the  
> > bottom of this page:
> > 
> >     http://qmail.jms1.net/patches/
> > 
> > i am running this on my own server as we speak- it seems to 
> work well 
> > so far, and i will be writing the scripting to have it build a new 
> > validrcptto.cdb over the next day or two.
> > 
> > my hope is that there is enough interest in this 
> functionality that  
> > it can be integrated into a future verison of vpopmail.
> John,
> Can this be modified to pass parameters to the 
> program/script? For example, the action that has just 
> occurred, plus any data associated with that action? e.g. 
> "onchange useradd [EMAIL PROTECTED]"
> Also, have you tried this with vqadmin/qmailadmin? The reason 
> I mention this is that I'm having a bugger of a job getting 
> my code that implements skel dirs to work with vqadmin - it 
> works fine from the command line (as root) but I get a 
> permission denied error when executing from vqadmin.
> I really must get a built-in function working...
> R.

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