Michael Krieger wrote:
>      The reason
>     I mention this is that I'm having a bugger of a job getting
>     my code that implements skel dirs to work with vqadmin - it
>     works fine from the command line (as root) but I get a
>     permission denied error when executing from vqadmin.
> Have you thought at all about just wrapping your qmail programs executed
> from tcpserver and doing it at run-time instead of account creation?
> Example that I use for creating an IMAP folder structure for use with
> bincimap
> ######### /var/qmail/bin/linkwrapper #########
> #!/bin/sh
> test -d IMAPdir || mkdir IMAPdir
> test -e IMAPdir/INBOX || ln -sf ../Maildir IMAPdir/INBOX
> exec $@
> Then in my service run file, I have
> tcpserver <parameters and programs> \< br>     /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw \
>     /var/qmail/bin/linkwrapper \
>     /var/qmail/bin/bincimapd
> I don't see why you couldn't do the same with your pop daemon or smtp
> daemon to do some basic parameters (and maybe extend it to keep
> additional information).
> Something to consider.  On a run of qmail-smtpd, test the timestamp of a
> file to the cdb file and rebuild if needed.

Borrowing a famous perl acronym, TMTOWTDI

It is indeed possible to use wrappers as you do, but this adds overhead
to every invocation of [insert progran here] which I'd rather avoid.

Have you seen qpsmtpd? There's an example of how extensibility should be
done. It's incredibly easy to add or modify functionality to qpsmtpd
because of the plugin hooks that are built-in.

Anyway, I've solved the IMAPdir issue a different way (see separate post).


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