Michael Krieger wrote:
> Did you see my post last night about the same issue and wrapping a shell
> script and exec call around bincimap?  It means you don't have to deal
> with this problem for pop/smtp uses, but only imap.
> Why modify vpopmail to do something specific to another program?

For completeness, yes I did see your other post.

My other recent reply in this thread answers the same question.

As to the question of "why modify vpopmail"? Well, vpopmail manages
users, including the creation of the mail directory. Also, many people
have expressed an interest in having a custom directory structure for
new users. So, to me, it seems that vpopmail is the right place to
implement a custom structure.

Possible examples are:

 - welcome mail for all new users
 - custom IMAP directories (e.g. Spam)

Thanks for the interest.


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