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> Hi,
> what is this no one replyed to my mail

actually, many people replyed [sic] to your mail.

here are a few problems with your original email:

1) You didn't state a specific question.

2) this is the vpopmail mailing list, not the qmail mailing list.  Your qmail 
(other than the To: header) had nothing to do with vpopmail, nor did it 
contain anything related to vpopmail.  Since you didn't post a question, it's 
hard to tell what mailing list to send you to, but please, feel free to send 
me your actual question directly, and I'll let you know what mailing list you 
should contact.

3) you hijacked a thread.  You saw an email to the vpopmail list in your MUA, 
clicked reply, removed all of the content, including the subject, and wrote 
your new message.  This breaks the list archives, and makes people who have 
threaded MUAs (like myself) go batty.  Use your MUA's 'new' function instead.


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