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I have a server that is setup as having vpopmail installed to run all of the emails without having system accounts. I have got users on the system that have cronjobs running. If those users have a crontab that runs and has an error it will email [EMAIL PROTECTED] the hostname of the server does not have a virtual host setup in vpopmail but I have put aliases into /var/qmail/aliases/.qmail- username.

if the system user exists, you would need to create a ".qmail" file in the home directory of the user. /var/qmail/aliases only comes into play when the system userid does not exist.

I would have expected that to route the email over to the users vpopmail account however it does not work. Any sugestions? or am I missing something totally stupid?

most cron implementations support a MAILTO="[EMAIL PROTECTED]" variable in the crontab file.

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