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John Simpson wrote:

http://qmail.jms1.net/vpopmaild.shtml shows a clearer example of how to
run vpopmaild under daemontools, by the way.

Clearer than what?

clearer that the first few lines of README.vpopmaild from the source code, which are simply...

To run as daemon:
tcpserver -vHRD 0 89 ./vpopmaild

Then as client
telnet localhost 89

Or to run on the command line for testing

if you don't have a copy of the 5.4.15 source, you can find this file in the CVS repository, or i have a local copy of the file on my web site. http://qmail.jms1.net/README.vpopmaild

these directions made perfect sense to me, because i've been using tcpserver and daemontools for years. however this might be a stretch for a lot of people (especially the typical "qmailrocks" user) so i wrote something a little more detailed.

and because i can hear people asking in the back of their minds why i care about qmailrocks users... when eric first put together the qmailrocks package, he used my combined patch file- and since then qmailrocks people have been sending all of their questions to me, because eric has seemingly abandoned the qmailrocks web site. i figure i'll be a nice guy and answer some of their questions, especially those rare "good questions" that make me think... but if the question shows that the person is just too lazy to do their own research, fsck'em. my only answer for lazy people is the URL of one of my favourite web pages, one that i feel should be required reading before anybody gets on the internet...


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