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John Simpson wrote:
> if by "the hook support" you are referring to the "oncall" patch i  sent

I probably am, heh.  I figured writing up this type of code would be a good
idea if there was just some test code floating around that had not been
decided on by anyone.

> if you're talking about some other kind of "hook support", where can  i

No, I just wasn't sure what it was being refered to as.

> by "addressbook support" i'm guessing you mean setting up and 
> automatically maintaining a company-wide LDAP directory which 
> automatically contains all mailboxes, with entries added, deleted,  and
> changed as mailboxes are added, deleted, or changed within the  vpopmail
> system.

Yes, and seperation of domains with ACPs if required, rather than just
one, large 'company-wide' directory.

> i don't know for sure, but i'm guessing that the number of people out 
> there who are using an LDAP address book is a rather small percentage 
> of the number of people running vpopmail- at least not a large enough 
> number to justify adding this functionality to vpopmail's code. of 
> course a big part of this is that openldap is a royal pain, but  that's
> a topic for some other time...

That's exactly what it is.  The idea here is that the ultimate goal of this
patch will make it very easy to implement, and require no work to maintain.

> having a generic "oncall" hook which can be "doctored" to work as an 
> LDAP directory updater is actually a really good idea. it's funny- i 
> wrote the "oncall" stuff to handle asynchronously rebuilding the 
> "validrcptto.cdb" file on my own server, and wasn't sure others would 
> have a use for it- but now the list has turned up two other ideas,  and
> i'm sure others are coming.

I'll need to look into this patch and be sure it has the features we
need.  Sounds like it will run scripts of my choice depending upon a certian
API call such as 'adduser' or 'adddomain'.

> cool, i look forward to playing with it. is it in the CVS somewhere 
> that i can take a sneak peek?

I don't have it in CVS, but I'm happy to send you over our test
slapd.conf, and LDIF files.  We also have pretty detailed 6-step
documentation on getting the database started.

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