John Simpson wrote:
how does vpopmaild handle users who have spaces in their passwords?

Right now it doesn't. I'm not sure if it did before I added compact or not. I definitely want to keep compact mode, it made a big difference in responsiveness when I was testing.

let me suggest an alternative- instead of "login user pass compact", how about "login/compact user pass"? this allows the password to be the last thing on the line, and therefore contain spaces, and still allows for a "compact" option.

What do you think about login | clogin | slogin? I was planning if you would like a way to see if a user exists without returning anything else...

any thoughts? if needed, i will write the patch to make this happen- let me know.

If you write it and send it to me I'll make sure it gets into 5.5. You can choose between login/compact | clogin | login "password with spaces" compact. I like clogin best because I'm lazy... :)

i would also like to see the output from the "help" command trim itself to the set of commands which are actually available to the client- before login, for example, the list would have "login", "help", and "quit", and would not disconnect the client (as it does now.) for a normal user it would only show the commands relating to their own mailbox without any admin-level commands, for a domain admin it would show the domain-level commands but not the system- admin level stuff, and so forth. this is also a patch i am willing to write, if there is any interest in it.

That sounds like a good idea too. If you do it, please consider making it so help before login is allowed, and only lists the three login commands. Then once you are logged in expand the help list based on the user's rights. Right now help before login sends the help list and disconnects.

I just got my PHP qmailadmin clone running on Bill Shupp's toaster with vpopmaild, and I'm getting ready to look at the differences between the stable-5.4 and 5.5. I am seriously considering making 5.5 to be exactly the same as the latest 5.4 once Tom tells me its ready. Then I'll add your patches there. I'm in the process of finding out just what is different between the versions.


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