John Simpson wrote:

> and since i now have two different patches for vpopmail, it's time to > create a new web page to hold them. both patches are available from
> this page, which includes basic documentation for the new features.

Actually its  .shtml  not  .html.

In the patch, how do you separate password and real_name in add_user? I know the help doesn't mention it, but I think it requires a real name value to put into GECOS. It is at least an option.

"slogin" is the same as the other two "login" commands- it logs into vpopmaild. the only difference is the amount of information returned. none of them will automatically quit after authenticating, that's why there is a "quit" command.

Sounds good to me.

so are you asking about "does this mailbox exist, yes or no", or are
> you asking about "is this the correct password for this mailbox, yes
> or no"?

I was under the impression your interest is based on Robin Bowes suggestion about the validrcptto.cdb patch, so it is "does this mailbox exist." We may as well make it easy, it should be a popular function. Maybe we could provide a validrcptto command, allowed before login, but you have to add --enable-vpopmaild-validrcptto in ./configure to use it. That way they have to act to enable the ability, and they get a warning from ./configure about tightening security.

i'm not against it, i just think if we're going to add something like
> this, the documentation for creating a vpopmaild service should  mention,
> very prominently, that this information is exposed to  anybody who
> connects and that the user (system administrator setting  up the service)
> should either run the service on (as i do),  or should have a
> tcpserver access control file which only allows authorized machines to
> connect.

I'm all for documentation. :) I wrote most of README.vpopmaild. Its not great but its better that what was there before...

To run as daemon:
tcpserver -vHRD 0 89 ./vpopmaild

Then as client
telnet localhost 89

Or to run on the command line for testing

First login. example:
login [EMAIL PROTECTED] password

Then for a list of commands:

Speaking of documentation, can I add much of your page to the README.vpopmaild file? I'll credit you and let you review it before I commit.

I'm pretty sure you can edit the wiki if you want, you just have to register first. If not, I'm considering making sure everything you need to know is in the wiki, and making the wiki page the README file.


p.s. I got a kick out of this: "with a working vpopmaild service it becomes possible to write a program like vqadmin or qmailadmin which does all of its work using vpopmaild commands." That's _exactly_ what vpopmaild was written to allow. I couldn't have said it better.

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