Rick Widmer wrote:
> I was under the impression your interest is based on Robin Bowes
> suggestion about the validrcptto.cdb patch, so it is "does this mailbox
> exist."   We may as well make it easy, it should be a popular function.

Yes - having this functionality would obviate the need to maintain the
validrcptto list. Any tool that wants to check the existence of a
mailbox for a given email address on a given host would just need to
telnet to port 89 and supply a command like "exists [EMAIL PROTECTED]". An
"OK" responose would mean it does exist. It should not quite
automatically to allow the checking of several addresses in sequence, e.g:


Does vpopmaild fork? i.e. Does it allow multiple connections? I guess it
uses tcpserver to run it so tcpserver will do all the work. Cool.


> p.s.  I got a kick out of this: "with a working vpopmaild service it
> becomes possible to write a program like vqadmin or qmailadmin which
> does all of its work using vpopmaild commands."  That's _exactly_ what
> vpopmaild was written to allow.  I couldn't have said it better.

I look forward to seeing a php/perl/python/whatever replacement for both
vqadmin and qmailadmin.


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