On 2006-04-03, at 1159, Tom Collins wrote:
On Apr 3, 2006, at 5:24 AM, Robin Bowes wrote:
Rick Widmer wrote:

I was under the impression your interest is based on Robin Bowes
suggestion about the validrcptto.cdb patch, so it is "does this mailbox exist." We may as well make it easy, it should be a popular function.

Yes - having this functionality would obviate the need to maintain the
validrcptto list.

I'm not following vpopmaild development, so ignore me if you've already considered this, but you should be sure to support quota checking through that interface as well.

Doing so would allow a patch to qmail-smtpd to reject email for non- existent users and defer email for users over quota.

good point, but it's a non-issue. the validrcptto.cdb functionality is not going to be bundled into vpopmaild, the two programs are not doing the same things.

and besides, if a user's mailbox is over quota, i would rather keep the message in my local queue where it will be delivered rather quickly when the user finally brings their mailbox back below their quota (and where i can send an ALRM signal to qmail-send to force- deliver the message when they call me about it, because they don't want to wait a few hours for qmail-send to decide to deliver it on its own.)

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