On 2006-04-03, at 1442, John Simpson wrote:
On 2006-04-03, at 0727, Rick Widmer wrote:

In the patch, how do you separate password and real_name in add_user? I know the help doesn't mention it, but I think it requires a real name value to put into GECOS. It is at least an option.

good point. i totally missed that, and i even changed one of the _TOKENS strings to be called GECOS_TOKENS after seeing that it was only used the one time. now we see why it's better to have several eyes looking at the code.

this is going to be another problem. since a password may contain spaces, and a gecos may also contain spaces, there is no reliable way to write such a parser unless there is a specific delimiter between them... and since a password, by definition, can contain any printable character (ASCII 0x21 - 0x7E) the delimiter cannot be one of these.

my honest answer is this: README.vpopmaild doesn't talk about there being a gecos field, neither does the vpopmaild wiki entry. in this one case, because the documentation doesn't mention it and because it causes a problem, i would say to pull the gecos functionality out of the add_user command, and add a "gecos" verb to "mod_user" (which needs one anyway.)

there will be a newer patch on my web site this evening (i would do it now but i need to run some errands first.)

actually, README.vpopmaild DID have a mention of "long_name", i had just never noticed it.

the updated version of README.vpopmail on my web site now does not have this, and there is also a "vpopmail-5.4.15-cslogin.2.patch" where the add_user code no longer looks for a gecos name. when it calls adduser() to create the mailbox, it passes the mailbox name as the gecos name, so the new mailbox will have the same name as the mailbox itself.

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