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kengheng wrote:
When I add a domain using vadddomain -u <domain>, I have to change the permission of /var/qmail/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql to o+r ?

Yes. By default, and for security reasons,
the ~vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql file is only readable
by the vpopmail user.

If you add any domain under a different user, that user
will need access to that file.

You could either grant access to all users, or you could
make sure the vchkpw group has access and include the new
user in the vchkpw group.

Note that making it world-readable opens up a dangerous security hole. If someone can get access to the server, they can learn the username and password for the entire vpopmail database. If that server just does email, and only admins have access/accounts, then it's less of a risk. Doing it on a server that does web hosting and allows users to upload their own cgi scripts would be very dangerous.

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