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On 2006-04-16, at 0334, Rick Widmer wrote:

John Simpson wrote:

On 2006-04-16, at 0050, Rick Widmer wrote:

anything lower than 4 won't compile if you're using mysql or pgsql... and 5 includes your suggestion of moving the del_domain and del_user notifications to BEFORE the damage is done, so that a "final backup" can be done. good idea, by the way.

I've got it updated to 5. I've got some testing to do before I put it into CVS. mysql compiles, but pgsql has errors that are not related to your patch. Unless you actually know someone who wants to use pgsql from CVS, its going to stay that way until cdb and mysql are done.

how did you do the suppression? that sounds like something which needs to be part of the patch on my site. i know how i would have written it, but it might be handy to know how you did it, so that when people ask me about it (as they are already starting to, on the qmailrocks list) i have some idea of what's going on.

I have sent a patch directly to you that should match your version 5, with my suppression code included. Search for the allow_onchange variable. It's pretty boring except in vpopmail.c. Watch closely, vadddomain() disables, and vadddomain() enables calling ONCHANGE. Its a little tricky in add_user which must blank its own sub calls and show its final call when initiated directly, but show nothing when called from vadddomian.

I've also added:

valias_insert - add alias_line to the reported value.
valias_remove - add alias_line to the reported value.
valias_delete - add entire report
valias_delete_domain - add entire report

valias_insert - add alias_line to the reported value.

this is exactly why i keep asking for other peoples' opinions about how this should be handled- i don't consider this issue to be "decided" one way or the other, and yet you have already committed a (buggy) version of it to the CVS server.

What can I say... it worked with CDB, which is what I run. I'll test with MySQL and PostgreSQL after I have pmailadmin running as fully as I can until the alias functions are complete. Pmailadmin is my test platform for vpopmail so it comes up right after CDB.

you mentioned "ken and tom", i would like to hear their opinion about this before it goes much further.

So would I.

i would really rather leave the framework the way it is, instead of buffering a multi-line message while things are running and then

I agree.  Can the multi line message.

i just had a thought- is there a "vchkpw-devel" mailing list that this conversation should be moved to? i suspect that most people on the list aren't interested in these kinds of low-level details- or maybe i'm wrong and people are interested? if so, speak up and let us know what you think. we won't bite unless you ask nicely.

I'm already subscribed... anyone who is interested in following this discussion is welcome there too.


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