Yes.  Set up a new copy of qmail in a different folder other than /var/qmail [or your current location] (see conf-*), as otherwise you can't have two running on the same machine, unless they point to the same queue and all.

Bring up tcpserver for the second installation on a different port- if you care to take over a valid but lesser used port, try 26.

Then add an smtproute (man qmail-remote for details) for  :localhost:26 [do check the syntax] to route all mail to that smtp server.

Of course, if you loose the mail, you still loose the mail.  I'd advise delivering to a maildir locally and maybe using some of the many tools to send a mail queue from a maildir to a relay instead, leaving a copy of the mail for safekeeping.


Jeremy Oddo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Does anyone have suggestions for sending all incoming mail
to two servers?

I have a vpopmail server in place. I want to replace it with
an upgraded server. I want both to receive mail for a bit so
I can test the new server. I only have one external IP
address. Is there a way to tell the first server to send the
incoming mail over to the new server?


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