Permissions in the answer.  .vpasswd.lock is being created 000 by vpopmail.
I made a patch to add the mode to it.  Since it's being created by vpopmail, it should be 600.  It seems it's not only qmailadmin that is doing this, but also vadduser for example is making a 000 lock file.

Patch attached,

Michael Krieger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Seem to be having an issue since vpopmail 5.4.16 and qmailadmin 1.2.10.

The first operation tends to work alright, such as creating a user, deleting a user, or so on, however the second fails.  Even changing a password fails.

If I delete the .vpasswd.lock file everything goes through... for one more usage.

I scanned through vcdb.c and didn't see anything, and I'm looking through vpopmail.c now.  Any ideas on this one?


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