Ken Jones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I've been thinking of setting up all new domains with this
way. Nobody really reads postmaster email.

I do see the occasional person who does, but it's rare.  I like the 'set the bounce flag' idea suggested in this thread.  Postmaster should have the bounce message flag set, so that it's not even accepted by chkuser at the smtp level, as opposed to accepting the mail and then bouncing it.

the code in chkuser is: if (user_passwd->pw_gid & BOUNCE_MAIL), so it seems to take it into account.

Personally I wouldn't worry about running vdelivermail.  If it's set with a bounce_mail flag as in chkuser (which I'd guess most people use) then it'll never run vdelivermail anyway, and any locally inserted mail would have the extra vdelivermail execution- but that'll be rare if ever.


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