You're looking for vipmap and the --enable-ip-alias-domain configure option:
  # --enable-ip-alias-domains
  #  Enable mapping of default domain via reverse ip lookup table.
See README.ipaliasdomains for more information in the vpopmail distribution.

You want to add a record (vipmap -h for details) for your primary domain name to your IP address that they'll use to connect (or for each IP address) on your server.


Ken Schweigert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I'm migrating a client's mail server to a qmail+vpopmail setup
following the directions at . They had a
qmail+system-level-account setup before.

My question: since this is the only domain that will be on the box,
is there a way to allow the users to login as just their login name as
opposed to complete email address? This would make the migration tons
easier since I wouldn't have to go to every user's machine (over a
hundred) and walk them through changing the client settings. If they
could still be able to login as 'sallysue' instead of
'[EMAIL PROTECTED]' there wouldn't need to be any changes on their


-ken schweigert

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