Remember- they can set the header To/From to be whatever they want, unless you want to scan the whole message.  You can with reasonable ease probably get this going with the envelope from/to.
This would probably be a custom job.

How I'd approach it:
 - use the REQUIREAITH patch (note that it no longer works with smtpauth and so on, but it's three lines so if you change the variable names around you'll be good to go) on a submission port
 - add some code to the mail_rcpt() command if requireauth is true and the requireauth test succeeds [it would be tested at mail_from if requireauth is set, so just check if requireauth is set in the rcpt command], to read one of the vpopmail USER_# flags and if it's set, compare the in the envelope from with the in RELAYCLIENT, failing on the mail from otherwise.  If you're not wanting to only have them send to their own domain, just test for the few domains you want in sequence.

A hack I know, but should be able to implement it in just a few minutes.


Cristi Tauber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

i have qmail + vpopmail installed. is there a way to restrict some users
of one domain (i have many domains spread on 4 email servers in
different locations) to send mail only to some specific domains (the
ones in our company) not to the whole world ? remember that i want only
some users of one domain to be restricted and some of the same domain to
be able to send mail without restrictions ? and is there a way to have a
copy of all sent emails of a certain user ? (qmail does this but i have
to recompile it , and is not only for one user but for all traffic )



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