On 2006-05-11, at 1800, Jeremy Kister wrote:
On 5/11/2006 5:55 PM, MT wrote:
         sends hup signal to qmail-send to accept new domain
So I have /home/vpopmail/domains, /var/qmail/control/, /var/qmail/ users on my NFS.
I have to delete / add the domain on to get it to work - but then will give me the same error.

Do you have something on that will hup qmail-send when the /var/qmail/users/assign file changes ?

you don't need to HUP qmail-send when users/assign changes, you need to run "qmail-newu". qmail-lspawn reads users/cdb, users/assign is just a text file which is used to build users/cdb.

the only two programs which do anything with users/assign are "qmail- newu" and "qmail-pw2u".

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