On 2006-05-12, at 1512, Jeremy Kister wrote:
On 5/12/2006 3:01 PM, John Simpson wrote:
you don't need to HUP qmail-send when users/assign changes, you need to run "qmail-newu". qmail-lspawn reads users/cdb, users/ assign is just a text file which is used to build users/cdb.

I simply infer that the control files have changed when the assign file has changed.

ah... okay, i see.

i do the same thing, but i use control/locals and control/ virtualdomains to tell when to send the HUP, since these are the two files which are actually re-read when a HUP is received.

actually, i have one script which does it all- compares the timestamps on users/assign and users/cdb and runs "qmail-newu" when appropriate... the same for control/morercpthosts and control/ morercpthosts.cdb, and it also builds validrcptto.cdb and auth.cdb (both files relating to my patches) as well. i have a daemontools service which waits for input on a named pipe and then runs the updater script (so that any process, running as any userid, can "touch /tmp/update-qmail" and trigger the updater script), a cron job which does the "touch" every half hour, and a vpopmail "onchange" script which also does the same "touch" operation whenever a mailbox is added, password changed, or whatever. everything pretty much runs itself.

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