Kim Christensen wrote:
* Andrew Simon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2006-05-14 14:16:38 -0400]:

Hopefully this is the right list for this question. Just built a new server. When use vqadmin And try to list domains I get I get "cannot open assign file'. When I try to create a directory I get "Unable to chdir to vpopmail/domains/domain directory" I have reinstalled and made sure permission are correct. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Andrew!

First of all, please set your e-mail client so that it uses linebreaks
properly - or at least make some of them yourself :-)

Now to answer your question, what are the permissions on vqadmin.cgi?
That file needs to be setuid root in order to function properly, that's
why you are getting those errors.

Also, if your linux distribution has selinux, make sure it is
not enforcing on the vqadmin.cgi.

Ken Jones

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