hello all,

i am trying to upgrade my vpopmail server. am currently on 5.4.13 and
trying to updrage to 5.4.16. i am using onchange patch available at

i am using postgreSQL as my autentication server, its a machine on my
network, for vpopmail to access that machine i edited vpgsql.h, below
are changes i made for the same.

# diff vpgsql.h ./vpopmail-5.4.16/vpgsql.h
< #define DBHOST "<hostname>"
< #define DBUSER "<db user>"
< #define DBPASSWD "<db password>"
< #define PG_CONNECT "host=" DBHOST " user=" DBUSER " password="
DBPASSWD " dbname=" DB
#define PG_CONNECT "user=postgres dbname=" DB

my configuration options are
# ./configure \
--disable-roaming-users \
--enable-logging=p \
--disable-ip-alias-domains \
--disable-passwd \
--enable-clear-passwd \
--enable-auth-module=pgsql \
--disable-many-domains \
--enable-auth-logging \
--enable-sql-logging \

the final configuration results are
          vpopmail 5.4.16
           Current settings

vpopmail directory = /home/vpopmail
domains directory = /home/vpopmail/domains
              uid = 518
              gid = 513
    roaming users = OFF --disable-roaming-users (default)
password learning = OFF --disable-learn-passwords (default)
    md5 passwords = ON  --enable-md5-passwords (default)
     file locking = ON  --enable-file-locking (default)
vdelivermail fsync = OFF --disable-file-sync (default)
    make seekable = ON  --enable-make-seekable (default)
     clear passwd = ON  --enable-clear-passwd (default)
user dir hashing  = ON  --enable-users-big-dir (default)
address extensions = OFF --disable-qmail-ext (default)
         ip alias = OFF --disable-ip-alias-domains (default)
      auth module = postgres --enable-auth-module=postgres
      sql logging = ON  --enable-sql-logging
         auth inc = -I/usr/include/pgsql
         auth lib = -L/usr/lib/pgsql -lpq
 system passwords = OFF --disable-passwd (default)
       pop syslog = show failed attempts with clear text password
     auth logging = ON  --enable-auth-logging (default)
one domain per SQL table     = --disable-many-domains

but when i run make i end up in the following errors

gcc  -g -O2 -Wall   -o valias  valias.o libvpopmail.a
-L/usr/lib/pgsql -lpq  -lcrypt
valias.o(.text+0x440): In function `main':
/downloads/qmailrocks/vpopmail-5.4.16/valias.c:89: undefined reference
to `valias_select_names'
undefined reference to `valias_select_names_next'
undefined reference to `valias_select_names_end'
undefined reference to `valias_select_names_end'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [valias] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/downloads/qmailrocks/vpopmail-5.4.16'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/downloads/qmailrocks/vpopmail-5.4.16'
make: *** [all] Error 2

i even tried compiling without the onchange patch and my changes in
vpgsql.h file but the results are the same.

the changes i did for vpgsql.h work perfectly fine with vpopmail-5.4.13

i hope vpopmail-5.4.16 does not require any changes in the db as the
vpopmail db on the autentication machine is shared by other
applications and qmr installation on my network.



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