Hi Dave,
Thank you for your message.
'Is qmail-pop3d running?' -good question.
Pop3d was not working at startup, so I had to start it.
Thank you again

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> Hi everyone,
> Please give me an answer for the this VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE.
> This morning I am experiencing problem with my Qmail.
> In EVERY workstation (every domain client) using Outlook or Outlook
> Express the authentication
> form comes up and asking for username and password. It can be accessed
> without problems in WebSquirrel (browser)
> The exact message is:
>     Task 'username - Receiving' reported error (0x800CC92) 'Your email
>     server rejected your login. Verify your username and password in your
>     account properties. Under Tools, Click E-mail accounts. The server
>     responded: -ERR Bad login'
> Please reply me back whoever gets this message.
> It is highly important.
> Thank you

You don't have a lot of info here but I can guess at a few things,

If Web Mail is working then you likely have an IMAP server.

If your IMAP server is authenticating then vckpw must be working.

Is qmail-pop3d running?

What does the qmail-pop3d log say?

Have you tried a telnet connection to your pop server?


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