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Tonino was able to do a fast analysis of the problem.

Server: Qmail with Tonino's check user patch.

When an email sender identifying itself as SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.1830)
sends an email to multiple rcpt's, where some of the rcpt are
valid and some are invalid, not all the emails to valid rcpts
are delivered and the sender reports an incorrect list of
valid/invalid rcpts.

Problem due to Outlook not fully supporting SMTP protocol.

So there was no real resolution ? Did you have them stop using the ISA firewall ?

I disabled check user for their static IP.

Are they using your server as a relay, or are they just sending to everyone from Outlook?
I feel chkuser should be disabled when used as relay from Outlook or Eudora.

They are just sending using Outlook. Not as a relay.
They are an external company sending to local users.

We do not have any reported problems from any relay users.

I have reported complaints from customers which use Outlook; when they send to multiple recipients (and one is wrong) cannot understand which is the error. So I have a dedicated qmail-smtpd for relaying users where I accept all messages without chkuser.



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