Hey folks,

I've submitted a few bugfixes against 5.4.16 to fix:
 - a crash when there are no names and one is using the cdb module- qmailadmin can cause this one as well as the command line programs
 - a series of lockfile permissions fixes when using the locking to...
  1. comply with the man pages': "mode MUST be specified when O_CREAT is in the flags, and is ignored otherwise" which suggests that mode should be specified in those cases, and
  2. prevents lock files from (on my base Debian system) being created with 000 and then failing on all future attempts after the first one to obtain a lock on the file as a result of a lack of permission.

I advise seeing if you have any ~vpopmail/domain/*/.vpasswd.lock files and removing them if they do not have at least some permission.

These seem to clear up all of the issues I've noticed with vpopmail-5.4.16 at this time [fortunately that big bugfix last release helped as well].

Think we may be ready for 5.4.17 soon?  I want to make sure these get in there.


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