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Cristi Tauber wrote:

 hello there,

i installed qmail + vpopmail + mysql on debian . i configured vpopmail to allow roaming users (pop before smtp). if i get messages my ip goes to relay table in vpopmail mysql database , but i cannot relay. i mean : the ip is written in the table but when i send mail it says : relaying denied

any clues ?

Verify that your tcp.smtp.cdb file is updated when the ip
gets inserted into the mysql table.

Verify that your smtp server is using that tcp.smtp.cdb.
It might be use a different one in a different directory.

It you can, it is better to use SMTP authentication.

Ken Jones

stupid me ... after hours of knocking my head against the table, I figured out. in debian mysql listen only on which in /etc/hosts is localhost.localdomain instead of just localhost and this is why vpopmail user can't login . i use tcp.smtp for static IPs . ken : what else is there for road warriors ? (besides smtp-auth which is not the case here)



I would suggest running an SSL smtp server on the smtps port 465.
You can use sslserver instead of tcpserver.

Many places, like hotels, block outbound port 25 (smtp) but
they do not block outbound port 465 (smtps) s as in SSL encrypted.

You can also run a pop3s server (pop3 with SSL) on port 995.


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