Yes, my english so bad, but you can look at patch for understand me =)
Ok, try again.
At first, patch add new command to vpopmaild: "check_user [EMAIL PROTECTED]". This command return +OK if [EMAIL PROTECTED] - valid user (or alias, or maillist etc.) and -ERR if no user found in vpopmail backend. This part of patch based on chkuser patch for qmail by Antonio Nati. At second, my patch add centralized permission control - access levels stored in commands table. As result of this, i could modify "help" command for return custom answers, based on user's rights (for example, for anonymous user "help" return only "login, check_user, help, quit" commands). Next steps for me: add "check_size" command to vpopmaild for checks users/domain quota and create patch for qmail for check "rcpt to" via vpopmaild. Hope, all this can be interesting for someone's except me.
Is this my English a little bit better? =( Sorry, if not =)

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VeNoMouS wrote:
Let me be the first to say WTF? Is it just me or is this English so bad it
makes no sense to you either?

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VpopmailD - is very useful for many function. May be in future mail will be delivered via this daemon too =)) I write check_user patch for vpopmaild (as source of ideas was used chkuser of Antonio Nati). Also i rewrite a little access levels systems, for centralized access control... and help command for show only available for current access level commands. This batch seems work, but not tested very careful - any suggestions will be welcome.
After weekends i will try to add command for check quotas.

In his defense, his English is better than my Russian.

Thinking about that, his English is better than many journalists. I have read articles more than twice and still not been able to understand what was intended. ;^)


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