Manuzhai wrote:
Manuzhai wrote:

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?

(Always nice, a little self-quoting...)

Okay, so I figured out what the problem is, I think. Lots of nice little fprintf(stderr, "...")'s later, I've come to the conclusion that Matt Brookings was right on the money stating that "your assign file
has some sort of syntax error in it". Indeed it does.

I posted my assign file in a later message:

enrai users # cat assign

What trips up vpopmail: the localhost line. I'm not sure whether this *should* be valid or not, but the extract_domain() function in vpopmail.c sure doesn't like it. Here's what it looks like with the fprintf statements that are already in the code doing their work:

enrai vpopmail-5.4.16 # vadddomain test
extract_domain - line:
extract_domain - result:
extract_domain - i: 0 part: ochtman
extract_domain - i: 1 part: nl
extract_domain - modified i: 0 part: ochtman
extract_domain - modified i: 1 part: nl
extract_domain - final result:
extract_domain - line: +localhost-:localhost:89:89:/var/vpopmail/domains/localhost:-::
extract_domain - result: localhost
extract_domain - i: 0 part: localhost
Segmentation fault
enrai vpopmail-5.4.16 #

(The three uppercase ones are from me.)

So. I'm not sure how I got it in there; vdeldomain seems to think localhost is an invalid domain, so I'm guessing vadddomain would do so too. I may have used one of the qmail tools to add it.

Now, would it be safe for me to just remove the offending line from the assign file, or is there some other, better way to get it out?

And, if anyone would be so kind as to offer me some advice on this somewhat off-topic question, that would be appreciated: how *do* I make sure any email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (especially for [EMAIL PROTECTED]) gets forwarded to some other (remote) email address?

In any case, thanks for any help, and for the (otherwise ;) great software.

It might be the sorting code is looking for domains with dots in them
and the single hostname with no dot confuses the sort.

Ken Jones

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